Goatchicken picture archive related to employees of Brewster Transport

The main picture archives are in 3 groups. They are Older Pictures ,More Recent Pictures, and the 2016 reunion pictures. They are in no particular order and viewing them is similar to what you would see if you looked in grandma's pictures, loosly thrown in a box. That's how most of the pictures came to me. As of December 12, 2016, the picture archive contains 1226 pictures in 5 albums. One day I hope to organize them better...

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More pictures added December 7, 2016

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Unfortunately the site that hosts my pictures has my name at the bottom of all the photos and it can't be removed. When I have time I'll give credit to the uploaders.


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From Art Newman: A while ago, I mentioned to Don Johnson, how great it would be if we had some information about the attendees.  After all, there will be some there we have never met, or have not caught up with for a long time.  Don has responded by providing space here, on the Goatchicken site, for each to post an optional brief biography -- call it a pre-obituary, if you like (your next of kin will love you). This space is no longer reserved for those attending the re-union. All are welcome.

  • tell us where you grew up, your Brewster, and Sunshine, history, and "what have you been up to?" since.  I, for example, once had lunch with Francis Saville -- I know, I know!
  • make it as short or a long as you like, up to a maximum  of about 1500 words
  • include a "mug shot", if you wish -- as you are now, depressing though that may be. You can, of course, always send pictures to Don, and there will be space for many pictures in this section.
  • almost any format will do, but the simplest is just to make it an email
  • goatchicken is not secure (a drawback it shares, more or less, with every other internet site in the world) -- just so you know.

We look forward to your contributions.
The following people have kindly submitted their biographies.

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Muriel Davidson has sent me some pictures of drivers currently working at Brewster Transport. Her pictures appear in the second archive which I created because of the large number of pictures. The second set of pictures will contain more recent pictures and the Vancouver olympics. These also will pertain to Brewster transport and it's employees.